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Excellent article. I am familiar with the subject matter and found nothing I disagreed with or thought was unfair. I, of course, agree with Hamilton and List and Carey. It is blindingly obvious to me.

There was one thing you mention that is new to me: your small section on Hamilton and fractional reserve banking. Am I right that you think Hamilton would have preferred a "pure" fiat currency? But that he advocated one out of expediency and his spirit of compromise?

We are all quite busy, but I would very much like to read more of your thoughts on this subject.

PS. I appreciate the amount of work it takes to write something like this post. Fwiw, I think you succeeded and the effort was worth it.

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Jun 29, 2023·edited Jun 29, 2023

What is your take on Lyndon LaRouche? I was told my whole life he was a “crazier commie” but what you are say it seems similar to LaRouche’s ideas.

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